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Carpe Diem Regained is the first ever cultural biography of 'carpe diem', and a call to seize back the true meaning of 'seize the day'.

In our age of distraction, carpe diem matters more than ever, but there's a problem: this ancient ideal has been hijacked and reduced simply to the idea of living in the here and now, and the instant hit of one-click online shopping.

In this thought-provoking and empowering book, leading popular philosopher Roman Krznaric unveils five very different ways humankind has discovered over the centuries to seize the day that we urgently need to revive, from the personal to the political.

Drawing on everything from the neuropsychology of regret and medieval carnival traditions to the carpe diem lives of nightclub dancers, war photographers and committed revolutionaries, the book unpacks the history, philosophy and modern-day applications of 'seizing the day'. At the same time, it offers inspiration for anyone up for the daunting challenge of leading a meaningful life.

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